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Transformative Strategic Planning

Transformative Strategic Planning is a powerful process designed for management teams that are ready to take control of their primary responsibility of formulating and implementing winning strategies. It organizes and takes care of everything that is needed for management to be able to, in a 3-4 day strategic planning meeting, produce powerful strategies and a strong management commitment to the implementation of those strategies. The methodology focuses on enhancing the collective capability of management to think strategically and make the organization a strategically driven organization.

Through personal involvement and commitment, Dr. Flores works with management to customize the process and guides them effectively through every step of the process. He meets organizations at the exact point they happen to be: merger or acquisition, change management, crisis response, competitive challenges, stagnant, slow or declining growth or the desire to propel current success well into the future.

Dr. Flores and his associates work with every participant in the process at all times to make sure that everything goes well and that everybody have all the needed tools to contribute his best or her best to the design and implementation of powerful strategies. Dr. Luis G. Flores is not your typical strategic management consultant. His goal is to firmly embed strategic philosophy into the organization’s culture in a way that drives decision making and actions across the board.

Process Assessment

Organizational processes are the repetitive patterns of how managers do their analysis, decisions and actions when managing organizations. They have a key impact on organizational effectiveness and are a source of competitive advantage. We can give you a report that is the result of a rigorous methodology and that visually reveals the status of your processes. This report provides a blueprint to identify potential areas of improvement for the strategic processes of your company or your executive management team. Our assessment is fast and demands minimum time from your executives and employees. Our assessment can be done via phone and Internet so we can provide our assessment services to companies all over the world. We focus on three types of organizational processes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Learning
  • Strategic Leadership

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are specific applications of the process focused on particular strategic problems or issues that a company may want to address. Following initial consultation, Dr. Flores may recommend one or more strategic planning meetings be conducted with members of senior and middle management. These meetings are not training but actual working forums designed to develop strategic approaches to real time challenges the organization currently faces.

Some of the most common types of strategic initiatives are related to Strategic Planning, Technology Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Problem Solving. The process can also be applied to any specific issue that a company is trying to address. Learn about types of strategic initiatives available.

Executive Development

Dr. Luis G. Flores offers a range of focused strategic management training designed to help executives hone specific skills and strengthen the company’s strategic culture. Executive development and training seminars are designed for middle and senior management. Program duration ranges from single day-sessions to weekly forums depending upon circumstances and resources. Dr. Flores tailors all his programs to accommodate a company’s precise need

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