Executive Development Seminars

Strategic Analysis

Provides managers with the latest ideas, tools and techniques to analyze the current business environment, their industry structure, major competitors and strategies required to be successful. The executive development seminars help managers better understand how to compete in today’s business environment and how to formulate effective strategies.

Transformative Strategic Planning® 

There are many different types of strategic planning processes. Each of these types may result in different degrees of effectiveness of the strategic planning activities of business organizations. This workshop presents a Transformative Strategic Planning® approach that provides organizations with a very powerful tool that unleashes the creative potential of a management team, fosters team work, and develops a shared and inspiring vision of the future. It also generates management consensus and commitment, provides clarity throughout organization and connects all the different pieces of the business. As a result, the management team sets up clear priorities, puts in perspective and provides solutions to the key issues and enables the formulation of powerful strategic plans and superb plan implementation. The methodology focuses on enhancing the collective capability of management to think strategically and make the organization a strategically driven organization.

Global Strategic Management

Offers hands-on experiences in formulating strategies in a global economy and helps managers understand the complexities and most effective techniques of strategic decision making. Participants divide into teams with each responsible for managing a simulated company. As the fictional organizations compete with one another, managers recognize and develop strategic formulation skills needed to thrive in a complex global environment. Click here for a PDF printable copy of the Global Strategic Management workshop brochure.

Executive Talks in Strategic Planning

There is no common understanding of what a strategic planning process consists of. Adding to the confusion, there is a variety and large range of consultants who offer strategic planning consulting services. Each consultant provides an approach to the strategic planning process that is based on his or her capabilities, training and experience. Many companies have not had a variety of experiences to be able to compare and assess the quality and effectiveness of their planning processes. We offer two highly relevant executive talks regarding (1) How to assess the effectiveness of a company’s strategic planning process and (2) Explaining what is a Transformative Strategic Planning Process.

Click below to view PDF printable copies of the Executive Talks:

Customized Training Options

With years of academic, research and business expertise Dr. Luis G. Flores can develop the exact strategic development training your managers need: mergers and acquisitions, global restructuring, program implementation. Contact Dr. Flores to develop a customized training option for your organization.

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