Strategic Planning Process Assessment

  • Has your company ever wasted time and resources on the strategic planning process only to have the plan not work out?
  • Do you ever wonder what strategic processes your company is missing that might make it more competitive in the marketplace?
  • Do you want to learn where your strategic planning process’ strengths and weaknesses are?

The strategic planning process is the process that ensures that you develop powerful strategies and effectively implement those strategies. The Strategic Planning Process has been found to be directly related to several performance indicators of an organization such as return on investment, return on equity, sales growth, and overall company performance.

What Does Our Strategic Planning Scale Measure?

Our scale assesses the four critical components of the planning process that allow companies to identify and achieve strategic objectives. These components are:

  1. Formulation process: the way in which relevant activities that take place when formulating a strategic plan such as the formulation of the mission statement, planning cycle, and other elements that ensure that the organization is paying adequate attention to the strategy process.
  2. Implementation enablers: the conditions and activities that enable managers to implement strategy effectively such as credibility of the planning process and assignment of resources based on the strategic plan.
  3. Structural drivers: the organizational mechanisms that are put in place to foster and control strategy formulation and implementation such as compensation tied to strategic plans and a close coordination of strategic planning and budgeting.
  4. Psychological drivers: the non-structural factors that affect managers’ behavior to enhance strategy formulation and strategy implementation such as involvement, empowerment, acceptance and commitment.

If a company has a breakdown in any of these four areas, their strategic plan may fail limiting the company’s ability to remain competitive.

When Should An Organization Use Strategic Planning Scale?

A company should utilize this tool when looking to improve processes for developing and implementing strategic plans.

The report will help you to:

  • Target specific problems in your company’s strategic planning process.
  • Focus on the key activities that will enhance the effectiveness of your organization’s strategies.
  • Increase the success rate of strategy implementation and company performance.

Who Should Use Strategic Planning Scale?

  • Management or senior leaders looking to assess their strategic planning process.
  • Consultants who want a tool to identify the strategic processes of their clients during a needs assessment.

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