Avoid Strategic Pitfalls

Strategy is a process. Strategy is not simply a three-year navigational tool, crisis response or action plan. When strategic planning fails to deliver optimum results, management often blames faulty implementation. In truth, the problem frequently lies with the planning process itself. That is just one of the mistakes businesses make in pursuit of strategic direction. There are other common missteps:

  • Allow external consultants to do the strategic plans for you.
  • Engage in piecemeal strategic activities rather than a holistic strategic process.
  • Confuse financial planning with strategic planning.
  • Plan for tomorrow using only today’s data, standards and assumptions.
  • View issues in part rather than pushing hard to see the big picture.
  • Jump to solutions before fully understanding the issue.
  • Advocate opinions in lieu of real problem solving.

Dr. Luis G. Flores helps organizations steer clear of the pitfalls and create a powerful Transformative Strategic Planning process that can transform their corporate culture, performance and ultimately, bottom line.

Other Consulting

Dr. Flores works with a group of highly qualified consultants from universities and the business world to solve problem and provide complementary services. Learn how “The Transformative Strategic Planning” can achieve transformative results for your organization.

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