Strategic Planing Initiatives

Rapid Response Action Plan

As a crisis unfolds, this strategy session helps management respond fast and effectively. Scenarios requiring urgency might include an unforeseen competitive challenge, threats to corporate reputation or physical disaster. Managers analyze the situation quickly yet thoroughly, design a response and take appropriate action to protect the business and avoid or mitigate negative impact.

Strategic Information Platform

Companies often build strategy based on past experience, assumption and speculation rather than information and fact. A reliable information platform must include concrete intelligence on external driving forces as well as critical success factors. This intense program coaches management to put conjecture aside and drill deep for truth. Participants learn discovery techniques that enable them to understand factors affecting their industry and how underlying forces will change the business landscape. This enables the development of viable forecasts for industries, products and markets.

Developing A Strategic Plan

When strategic planning fails to deliver optimum results, management tends to blame faulty implementation. In truth, the problem often lies with the planning process itself. This strategic session helps managers avoid the pitfalls and create a holistic strategic process. The approach can be applied within a division, business unit, functional area or department.

Developing Strategic Initiatives

Coordinating the growth of multiple projects is a balancing act that requires a solid strategic process. The Strategic Initiatives session is designed to help executives manage and expand priority initiatives that operate concurrently and impact one another such as business re-engineering, quality control, systems upgrades and improved organizational learning.

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