Technology Strategy

Information Technology

This strategic initiative presents a methodology to conceptualize, identify, obtain, and communicate the strategic information that is necessary for management to be able to thoroughly understand , predict, and monitor its company’s business environment, resource utilization and performance. Managers will develop a strategy to define and obtain the necessary information for effective decision-making. The result is an organization that masters a methodology that enables managers to continuously improve and update its strategic information system.

Technology Strategy

This strategic initiative provides a methodology to develop a technology strategy that supports the overall company strategy. Present and future technological platforms are identified and conceptualized. Analysis of current and future technologies are classified in critical technologies, monitoring technologies and general technologies to be able to focus on relevant technological issues. Strategies and critical projects are generated to support the sound development of the company’s technological dimension.

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies are technologies that are emerging and may remain unknown for a long period of time. They carry a package of different attributes than current technologies and may not be attractive to big players early in the game. They develop quickly, and when evolved, they can change established markets, create new markets, and make other technologies obsolete. Early adopters will have a powerful edge over the rest of the industry. This strategic initiative is designed to identify, assess, and formulate strategies to harness the energy of these technologies allowing the organization to develop a competitive advantage.

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