Strategic Managament Processes Assessment

What Are Strategic Management Processes?

Strategic management processes are the processes that channel and condition the learning, thinking, decisions, and activities of management teams that can have a major impact in the success or failure of an organization. Strategic processes cannot easily be observed and measured. Nevertheless it is vital for any kind of organization to be aware of the quality of their strategic processes.

The importance of processes is that they have a major impact on the quality of decision outcomes. Additionally, since processes are repetitive, a bad process will lead to a multitude of bad decisions. On the other hand, improving a process does not only improve a decision but improves a multitude of decisions for a significant period of time.

An Effective Strategic Management Assessment Process will help you to:

  • Improve the quality of the information needed to make decisions
  • Give clarity to your problem solving and decision making activities
  • Organize your decision making flows by guiding decision’s sequences and priorities
  • Save time, effort and resources by having an explicit method to resolve issues
  • Make sure that everyone understands decisions and their rationale
  • Make sure that the entire management team supports decision outcomes
  • Provide uniformity and consistency of decision making throughout your organization

What Instrument Do We Use?

We use instruments that meet the most rigorous standards for questionnaire development and that satisfy the requirements of the psychometric community. We use a combination of instruments we have developed and additional instruments collected from the most up-to-date business literature. The developed measurements provide consistent and accurate results due to the psychometric validity and reliability tested for each of its scales and thus allow for comparisons within and across organizations.

What Processes Do We Measure?

There are numerous strategic organizational processes. We offer the service of strategic processes assessment and improvement for three major strategic processes; the strategic planning process, the organizational learning process and the strategic leadership process.



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