Transformative Strategic Planning

Transformative Strategic Planning is a management-driven strategic planning and implementation process.  It can help your organization produce and implement powerful strategic plans.  The process also strengthens the strategic thinking capabilities of your management teams and produces remarkable benefits for your entire organization.

Key Benefits of the Process

Tranformative Strategic Planning:

  • Is powerful, challenging, reusable and fun.
  • Enables organizations to identify, anticipate and respond quickly to future challenges and opportunities.
  • Strengthens organizations by fostering innovative thinking, building consensus, generating commitment and energizing management teams.
  • Engages and rallies the entire management team around the strategic plan, gives more confidence to current stakeholders and potential investors and drives effective implementation.

Origin and development

The process was developed by Dr. Luis Flores (company founder) at the request of a Fortune 500 company.The company’s industry was going through significant changes and the company wanted to become much more competitive.

The objective was to have a process that will strengthen the management teams, enhance their strategic mental maps and produce methodologies that will enable managers to take on the future. The process has been refined and it has been successfully used by more than 80 management teams throughout the world.

Ideal Clients

Companies that believe in leveraging the full potential of their human assets, believe in learning and teamwork, and range in number of managers or other leadership teams from 15 to thousands. Our methodology has proven to be successful for High-Tech companies, financial services, insurance, engineering, manufacturing, law firms and not-for-profit organizations. Learn how Transformative Strategic Planning can achieve transformative results for your organization.        

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