Executive Seminar Teaches Managers to Drive Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Executives from throughout Malaysia convene today to learn Transformative Strategic Planning, a research-based methodology by SEI Consulting.  During the two-day intensive seminar, December 3-4, 2015, Dr. Luis Flores facilitates training sessions in a robust, dynamic, and sustainable strategic planning and implementation process.  Transformative Strategic Planning produces powerful strategic plans but also, empowers executives to develop strategically driven, competitively focused management teams.  Organized by FDB, the seminar takes place in Kuala Lumpur.  For more information, download the brochure here or visit www.fdb.com.sg.

The Transformative Strategic Planning workshop begins with an analysis of the different approaches to the understanding of strategy and strategic management.  Dr. Luis Flores emphasizes the importance of buy-in by managers who offer their functional expertise and enforce the strategic plan. He empowers business leaders to engage their entire management team.

Building the understanding of strategy further, the second session clarifies the misinterpretations of the meaning and power of strategy.  Dr. Flores explains what truly makes a strategy effective.   The third session analyzes the building blocks of strategic planning. Dr. Flores demystifies the complex planning process and encourages strategic competitiveness.  In these sessions, he also highlights the dysfunctional strategies that companies should avoid.  Ending day one, the fourth session evaluates the most powerful concepts in the strategic success of a company and names additional concepts required in strategic planning.

Whereas day one focuses on the vision, analysis and building blocks for strategic planning, day two concentrates on making a strategy work with good direction, effective implementation, motivational tactics and proper measurement.  The fifth session clarifies the misconception of the strategic planning process itself.  Dr. Flores illuminates how the process should work and why managers should use Transformative Strategic Planning methodology.

Getting into the mechanics of strategic planning, session six systematizes strategic planning so that it produces change and action.  Transformative Strategic Planning results in powerful strategic plan generation and unifies and energizes management teams.  Session seven sets up an implementation process that ensures smooth and effective plan implementation.  Dr. Flores teaches a replicable process—based on continual managerial input and involvement—that results in sustainable strategic plan implementation.

The workshop concludes with discussion of industry-specific concerns of the executives in attendance.  Because the companies represented may do business globally and have managers in different countries, the seminar includes the applicability of the concepts across nations and cultures.

As a result of attending the seminar, executives gain the knowledge of a strategic planning and implementation methodology with major benefits for their organization:

  • Strengthen the collective strategic thinking capabilities of the management team
  • Develop powerful strategic plans and a shared management mindset
  • Elevate the level of strategic information and identification of future challenges
  • Seize opportunities and take advantage of trends instead of reacting to them
  • Provide coordination and clarity throughout the organization
  • Create leadership at all levels of management in the organization
  • Generate effective strategic change and establish effective processes for excellent plan implementation
  • Evaluate the strategic planning process and effective available tools

To learn more about Transformative Strategic Planning and schedule an executive development seminar or consultation with SEI Consulting, contact Dr. Luis Flores today.

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