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Strategic Effort Integration Group (SEI) was founded by Dr. Luis G Flores and is a team of associates with extensive applied business, consulting, and academic backgrounds that span all areas of business. Our focus is on providing methodology and coaching to enable your management team to formulate and implement effective strategies and to solve strategic problems.


  • You need to get your management team more focused and working together.
  • You need to get rapid, unmanageable growth under control.
  • You need to establish a new direction and culture due to changes in senior management.
  • You are going or will be going through a merger or acquisition.
  • You are facing increasingly tougher competition.
  • Technology and globalization are threatening your position in the marketplace.


Strengthen Your Management Team

  • Maximize management creativity.
  • Sharpen management focus.
  • Develop a strong sense of purpose.
  • Enhance management commitment.
  • Harness management synergy.
  • Get everybody excited about the future.

Improve Your Organizational Processes

  • Formulate powerful strategies.
  • Facilitate strategy implementation.
  • Solve complex and unfamiliar problems.
  • Deal effectively with significant challenges.
  • Go through major changes.
  • Go through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Manage turnarounds and companies in crisis.

Achieve Your Ultimate Results

  • Increase operational effectiveness.
  • Develop long term success in growth and profitability.

OUR APPROACH: Strategy is a Holistic Process

The number of strategic management consultants in the market today is matched by an equal number of “game-changing” proposals. It can be difficult and confusing for an organization to identify the strategic process that is right for them.

Luis G. Flores, Ph.D., is a standout. After years of doctoral research and successful hands-on application at Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations, he has refined a signature approach to strategic planning and change, called Transformative Strategic Planning. This holistic process is built on four proven tenets:

  • Shared Mind-set is Key
  • Today’s Standards Can’t Define Tomorrow
  • Lead to Discovery, Don’t Just Provide Answers
  • Two Dimensions: Technical and Behavioral

Dr. Flores provides strategic consulting / coaching and training seminars for businesses and organizations. Learn how his signature approach builds a powerful and flexible strategic culture that can lead your organization to excellence today, tomorrow and beyond.

Contact Dr. Flores to schedule a preliminary cost-free consultation. Learn how “The Transformative Strategic Planning” can achieve transformative results for your organization.


Companies that believe in leveraging the full potential of their human assets, believe in learning and teamwork, and range in number of managers from 30 to thousands. Our methodology has proven to be successful for High-Tech companies, financial services, insurance, engineering, manufacturing, law firms and not-for-profit organizations.