Understand and Implement Strategy

I recently gave a seminar on Transformative Strategic Planning™ in Kuala Lumpur. We discussed a great variety of concepts, methodologies, and issues in strategic planning. As promised, I learned the three main points of concern for the group. They were: (1) how to make sure that strategy links to implementation, (2) what can be done to make sure our people/staff understand our … [Read more...]

Learn How Strategic Planning Can Strengthen Your Organization

Executives use strategic planning for strategic analysis and competitive positioning, but many do not use the power of the planning process to strengthen the organization itself.  When done well, strategic planning produces a clear and robust strategy, along with highly desirable internal benefits: An energized, unified and committed management team A clear set of … [Read more...]

Executive Seminar Teaches Managers to Drive Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Executives from throughout Malaysia convene today to learn Transformative Strategic Planning, a research-based methodology by SEI Consulting.  During the two-day intensive seminar, December 3-4, 2015, Dr. Luis Flores facilitates training sessions in a robust, dynamic, and sustainable strategic planning and implementation process.  Transformative Strategic Planning produces … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Strategy in Business Organizations

There is little consistency in the use of the term strategy. There is no standardization in the understanding of what the word strategy means or how it looks like. The understanding of strategy seems to be fragmented, loose and sometimes even contradictory. The interpretation of strategy seems to change with the training, background and experience of individuals. This post is … [Read more...]